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The Rational Heart by Stephen Elliott


As explained in The New Science of Breath (2005), synchronizing the breath with the heart beat is an ancient yogic technique that elicits autonomic balance and a meditative state of mind. In all of yoga it is one of the master methods.

Today we understand that it also yields optimal variability and coherence of the heart rate variability (HRV) cycle - which is understood to be an outcome of autonomic nervous system governance of changing blood flow and pressure as a consequence of respiration.

If we train this synchrony and learn to reside in it, we begin to experience ourselves and the world us differently. Muscles relax, the mind stops chattering, and we find a new peaceful state of being.

Welcome to Coherence "BreatheHeart". Built on the foundation of Valsalva Wave Pro, and COHERENCE patents both issued and pending, BreatheHeart allows us to monitor and train breathing and heart rate to achieve synchrony and coherence of respiration, heart rate, and blood flow.

This synchrony is an outcome of multiple biological processes working in harmony to elicit the state of autonomic balance and homeostasis - the "neutral" state in which the body/mind knows how to care for itself.

Asynchronous incoherent heart rate

The asynchronous heart "signature" above is known to accompany disharmony, stress, and dysfunction.

Synchronous coherent heart rate

The signature of synchrony and coherence is known to facilitate autonomic balance, mental and physical well-being, and optimal performance.

Correlates of autonomic balance

BreatheHeart also provides monitoring of the Pulse Wave. You can monitor the Heart Rate or the Pulse Wave, either alone or in combination.

BreatheHeart is different from Hearthmath's emWave PC is a couple of ways:

1) As the name implies, BreatheHeart is "breathing centric" where emWave is "emotion centric". The basic protocol involves synchronizing your breathing with your heart rate.

2) Where Heartmath's "coherence score" is based on consistency of the HRV cycle, COHERENCE's is based on synchrony of blood flow and heart rate, a more advanced measure of physiological coherence.

3) BreatheHeart also provides automatic measurement of "HRV" (heart rate variability).

Navigate the BreatheHeart application much as you would a website. You can think of this page as the "Home Page". You can always return to it by clicking on the "Get Started" button on the Navigation bar.

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COHERENCE offers discounts for health professionals, educators, and non-profits. Please inquire.

BreatheHeart and Coherent Breathing are trademarks of COHERENCE LLC, Allen, Texas.

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Note: This instrument is for educational purposes only. No claims are made regarding its relevance or application to any medical condition.




BreatheHeart Is Discontinued With The Evolution Of Valsalva Wave Pro To Version 2.0 With Personal Resonance Protocol.

Priced at $695.00, BreatheHeart offers these key features that other instruments don't:

1) Designed to facilitate the practice of Coherent Breathing.

2) COHERENCE's unique "coherence" measurement of blood flow and heart rate synchrony, a more comprehensive measure of physiological coherence. (Patent pending.)

3) BreatheHeart automatically measures heart rate variability, "HRV".

4) Heart rate and HRV thresholding for more effective training.

Primary User Screen

Heart Rate-Valsalva Wave Synchrony

Contrast with Asynchronous, Untrained Heart Rate-Valsavla Wave

Heart Rate-Valsalva Wave COHERENCE

Automatic Variability Measurement

Pulsewave And Heart Rate

Spectral Analysis

Spectral Bands

Integrated Pacing - COHERENCE Clock

Tai Chi Diagram

At the top left of every screen you will find the "Program Menu" consisting of View, Calibration, Options, and Help. These basic "program" functions are rarely used.

Just below the Program Menu, you will find the "Navigation Bar". It presents buttons that allow you to navigate to the various screens including Get Started, COHERENCE, Heart Rate (HRV), Pulse Wave, Pacers, and Help.

A toolbar is presented along the far left side of every page. It provides a number of basic functions, allowing us to move the signal up and down, increase and decrease gain, speed up and slow down the graph, zoom in and out, etc. These buttons apply to the signal that we are viewing at the moment. If you mouse over each, the name of the function will appear.

Along the bottom is the Control Bar that includes some very basic functions including start/stop, pause, print, record, freeze view, etc. Once a session has been recorded, an option is also presented that allows the data to be saved and reports to be generated. You will want to familiarize yourself with each of these functions.

A quick note about the nomenclature:

Under each tab, you'll find both "stand-alone" and "simultaneous" views. The "+" sign means the first biometric AND the second biometric are presented simultaneously on the same graph, ex. "Heart Rate Average + Heart Rate" means that Average Heart Rate AND Heart Rate are plotted on a single graph where the Y axis is that of the Average Heart Rate.

Alternatively, "Average Heart Rate , Heart Rate ", means that both are visible on the same screen but each is plotted on its own graph with its own Y axis.

The metric that is listed first has precedence, i.e. it assumes the Y-axis or is the top-most graph on a given screen.

A complete explanation of the instrument including all screens and functions is available on line at